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Casting, designing and manufacturing of all kinds of crushing, granulating and micronizing machines

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Our Mission

Design and manufacture of various types of crushing, aggregating and micronizing machines


Specializing in the design and manufacture of crusher machines

40+Years of Experience
38Executive Project
1090Manufacturing Machines
5Production Units
105Experienced Staff

Casting to Execution by Foolad Sazan AlmanAbadi…

Specializing in Casting, Design and Construction

With its Professional Design and Fully Customized Design to the World Standards, This Complex has Been able to Take Over the Production of Cement, Gypsum and Sand Industrialize with Us

Specialized in the Design and Manufacture of Crusher Machines

Modern Industry with Us


Advanced Factories

Foolad Sazan Alman Abadi Complex has two Phases of Casting Industrial Plant.


Experienced Staff

The complex has experienced staff in various fields.


Modern Production Units

All Units in This Complex are Modern and Comply with World Standards.

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فولاسازان آلمان آبادی
Implementation of the Entire Production Line

Foolad Sazan Alman Abadi Complex is proud to install and operate all production machines on site.

Casting of all Industrial & Mineral Parts

All of the abrasive components of the crusher are molded at the Foolad Sazan ALman Abadi Complex and are ready to supply the parts at any time.

Full Technical Support for the Devices

Foolad Sazan Alman Abadi Complex sends specialized forces to all parts of the country and abroad for full technical support of the machines.

Custom Design and Manufacture

At the Foolad Sazan Alman Abadi Complex, all machines are fully custom designed and manufactured.

Our Products at a Glance …

All operations are carried out from casting to construction and execution in this Foolad Sazan Alman Abadi.

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